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Overview of Admissions

Whether you are a recent law school graduate, took the bar examination in another UBE state, or a seasoned attorney, this website is designed to assist you with answering your questions regarding the process of becoming either a fully-licensed or limited-licensed attorney in the State of Colorado.  This site is also designed to provide helpful information to assist you in the application process and to understand the process for admission to practice law in Colorado.

As you review our website, you will find information about the Colorado Bar Examination, admission by UBE Score Transfer and On-Motion, limited licenses, Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law in Colorado, instructions for completing the on-line applications, and the character and fitness process.

To become a fully-licensed attorney in the State of Colorado, either by Examination, UBE Score Transfer, or On-Motion, you must complete an application questionnaire, and undergo a thorough Character and Fitness Investigation.  There are additional admission requirement for full licensure, including a recent MPRE score and attendance of the Practicing With Professionalism Course.

To receive a certification and/or limited authority to practice law in Colorado, you must complete an abridged application. There is no MPRE requirement.

If, after reviewing our website, including the FAQs, the filing instructions, and the Rules Governing Admission, you have any questions regarding:

Full licensure – Contact the Office of Attorney Admissions – email or telephone (303) 928-7770

Temporary Admissions/Limited License and Certifications – Contact the Office of Attorney Registration - email or telephone (303) 928-7800