These instructions apply to both On Motion and Exam applicants who wish to electronically file an application for admission to practice law in Colorado.  On Motion applicants may disregard references to examination filing deadlines, late application fees and examination refund policies.  Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) requirements and deadlines apply to all applicants.    


The electronic application is designed for individuals who are computer proficient.  The Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Admissions is unable to provide technical support for persons who are not.


Once you have created an application account, follow all prompts to complete and review your application.  Prior to the electronic submission of your application, print a hard copy of your completed questionnaire to send along with accompanying fees and documents, also make a copy for your files, as photocopies of applications are not available from this office once your application has been filed.


Timely filing of your application is accomplished ONLY if all application fees and supplemental documentation (hereinafter referred to as the Filing Packet), are postmarked and/or received by the Office of Attorney Admissions no later than the applicable filing deadline. Electronic submission of your application alone does not constitute timely filing.  Failure to timely file the Filing Packet will result in the failure to meet the application filing deadline even though an application may have been submitted electronically and received by the Office of Attorney Admissions.


The online application is divided into five sections: 


Section I – Identifying Information

Section II – General History

Section III – Personal History

Section IV – Supplementary Forms and Informational Materials (not subject to timely filing requirements)

Section V – Filing Packet (Forms required for timely filing)


A.    General Instructions for Completing Sections I, II and III:


1.  Absolute and complete candor is required when answering the questions in these sections.  Failure to be completely candid may result in the denial of your application for admission to practice law in Colorado.  If you are uncertain whether your situation falls within the scope of a particular question, assume that it does.


2.  Your application is confidential.  Therefore, if you wish the Board to communicate with someone other than yourself concerning questions which might arise during the course of the background investigation or concerning the current status of your application, you must submit a letter naming the individual with whom we may communicate.


3.  Moral Character.  Provided you are determined eligible to apply as a Class A, B or C applicant, a background investigation will be initiated.  You may or may not be contacted for additional information relative to the required character and fitness investigation.  The Office of Attorney Admissions may initiate a request for additional information or documentation at any phase of the application process.  Should you receive such an inquiry, your prompt written response is required in order to avoid delays with your admission. In accordance with Rule 201.6(1), C.R.C.P. “Applicants must demonstrate that they are mentally stable and morally and ethically qualified for admission.”  Persons whose background investigations are not completed at the time the examination results are released will not be certified to take the oath of admission pursuant to Rule 201.14, C.R.C.P.


4.  As part of the background investigation the Board will obtain a credit report for every applicant.  A credit report fee has been added to the application fee to cover the cost of this report. If you have never resided in or established credit in the United States, you must submit a credit history from your country of residence.


5.  To avoid delays in the completion of the investigation be certain to provide all information requested in the application, including:


a.       Complete and detailed accounts of all circumstances where explanations are required, including dates, location and final outcome.  All explanations must be substantiated by documentation from applicable agency(ies).  If not readily available, substantiating documentation may be submitted at a later time.


b.   Supplementary documents, such as divorce decrees, driving records, arrest reports, etc. that are not available at the time the application is filed may be submitted under separate cover and will not be subject to late filing fees.  However, supplementary documentation submitted after the filing deadline may result in a delay of admission if such documentation is required for completion of the background investigation. All supplementary documentation must include your name and application number to ensure inclusion to your file.


c.   Persons who file late applications will be given the lowest priority for completion of the background investigation and certification for admission. Therefore, it is to your benefit to file as early as possible.


d.   The background investigation is independent of successfully completing the Colorado Bar Examination or receiving notice of Class A or B eligibility.  Bar result notices will be mailed to all applicants upon announcement of the examination results.  However, for those who pass the exam but for whom the background investigation is not yet complete, bar result notices will reflect a hold on admission pending completion of the investigation. The staff of the Office of Attorney Admissions’ are not at liberty to discuss the status of an investigation; nor will applicants be specifically advised of satisfactory compliance with the character and fitness requirement of Rule 201.6, C.R.C.P.  Applicants will be contacted, however, if explanations are inadequate, additional details are needed, or the Bar Committee for the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Admissions requests your appearance before an Inquiry Panel to discuss matters relative to your character and fitness for admission.


B.  Instructions for Completing Section IV:


1.    The supplemental forms contained in Section IV are organized under two headings, “All Applicants” for On-Motion, UBE Transfer and Exam.  Included under “All Applicants” are the Explanation Page, Record of Civil Actions, and Application Amendment Forms. These forms are identified with the extension .rtf.  Save these forms to your system hard drive, complete them using your word processor and submit the hard copy to the Board of Law Examiners.  They may be filed at any stage of the application process.   


2.   Included under “Exam Applicants” is the Certificate of Law School Graduation.  This form is designated with the extension PDF.  Print a hard copy of this form and submit it to your law school dean or registrar for completion.  You may request the law school send the completed form directly to the Office of Attorney Admissions or you may request they return the completed form to you for submission.  Prior to the examination, this completed form must be on file with the Office of Attorney Admissions in order to receive your admission badges to the bar examination.  


3.   Informational materials for “All Applicants” include the “Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of the State of Colorado.”  Informational materials for “Exam Applicants” also include “Bar Exam Information.” Print and retain the informational materials or save to your system hard drive for future reference. Once your application has been electronically submitted, informational materials from Section IV remain available from the application/home beginning page.


C.  Instructions for Completing Section V:


1.   The forms contained in Section V are organized under three headings:  “All Applicants,” “Exam Applicants” and “On Motion Applicants.”  Exam applicants must complete all applicable forms from this section.  Print a hard copy of each applicable form and submit hard copies the completed forms along with all applicable fees no later than the stated filing deadline.  In the event these completed forms and fees are not received or postmarked by the filing deadline, the application will be denied as not timely filed, even though you may have finalized and timely submitted the electronic application data.  Failure to timely submit these completed forms to the Office of Attorney Admissions may result in the loss of any application data submitted electronically.


2.   All applicants must complete the “Statement of Verification” and “Authorization and Release” Forms.  These forms are designated with the extension PDF.  They should be printed in hard copy and completed in pen and ink. These forms must be printed as a single page and notarized on the same page.


3.   Exam applicants must complete the “Exam Cover Page” and “Ethnic Survey” in addition to the forms referenced under “All Applicants.” The “Test Accommodations Request Forms” need only be completed if you have a disability that necessitates accommodation for the bar examination.  These forms are designated with the extension PDF and should be printed in hard copy for completion in pen and ink.  Electronically submitted application data will not be deemed timely filed unless the Office of Attorney Admissions receives these forms or they are postmarked no later than the applicable filing deadline.


4.   On Motion Applicants must complete the “On Motion Cover Page” and “Law Practice Affidavit” in addition to the forms referenced under “All Applicants.”  UBE transfer applications must complete the UBE Cover Page. These forms are designated with the extension PDF. They should be printed in hard copy and completed in pen and ink. Addendum to Question 8 need only be completed if the legal employment listed in Question 8 is not the solo or private (law firm) practice of law. This form is designated with the extension .rtf.  It may be saved to your system hard drive and completed using your word processing software.  This form must be typewritten.