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Practicing with Professionalism Course

All applicants for admission to practice law in Colorado must attend the six-hour course “Practicing with Professionalism” presented by the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel in cooperation with the Colorado Bar Association (see C.R.C.P. 203.2(6), 203.3(4), and 203.4(6)). This one-day course is offered several times throughout the year and is valid for eighteen months from the date the course was completed.

Exam Applicants: Exam applicants may complete this course either before or after sitting for the Colorado bar examination; however, Exam applicants must complete this course as a condition for admission. Exam applicants are encouraged to register and complete this course as soon as feasible, as classroom size is limited and the space fills quickly. Do not wait until the last minute to register for this course; your admission to the bar will be delayed in the event you are unable to complete it prior to the Admission Ceremony.

On Motion, UBE Score Transfer, and Limited License Attorneys: Within the first six months of being admitted to practice law in Colorado – On Motion, Uniform Bar Exam Score Transfer, and Limited Licensed attorneys must complete this course and enter compliance on their Colorado CLE transcript. Failure to complete this course within the first six months may result in an administrative suspension. Please contact the Attorney Registration Office at if you have any questions about this course requirement.

Click here to Register for an upcoming course on the Colorado Bar Association CLE website.

Dates for Upcoming Practicing with Professionalism Courses in 2020

January 13
February 27
March 16
April 13
May 18
June 22
July 30
August 31
September 21
October 26