Colorado Supreme Court

Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel

Promoting Professionalism. Protecting the Public.

Practicing with Professionalism

"Professionalism is conduct reflecting the values embodied in the Colorado Attorney Oath of Admission, the Colorado Principles of Professionalism, and the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct. These values require attorneys always to act competently, civilly, and with integrity and to commit themselves to the public good and to furthering the interests of justice."

--Adopted by the CBA/DBA Professionalism Coordinating Council March 11, 2015

The goal of the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel is to ensure lawyers in Colorado have all the necessary tools to handle matters in a way that is worthy of the trust and confidence that clients and the judicial system reasonably place upon them.

A condition of admission to practice law in Colorado is a mandatory Professionalism course. The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel also presents ethics school and trust account school throughout the year.

All Colorado attorneys must take an oath during the admission ceremony. By taking that oath, attorneys swear to practice law by upholding the spirit of professionalism.

The Colorado and Denver Bar Associations’ Professionalism Coordinating Council created the Principles of Professionalism to be used as a guide in Colorado. These Principles illustrate the ways in which attorneys should aspire to maintain professionalism throughout their career.

Read Justice Richard Gabriel’s article “Why Professionalism Matters” from the September 2015 edition of The Docket. Learn more about resources on professionalism.

The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel supports the Colorado Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being. To learn more about the Task Force, click here.

The Colorado Bar Association’s Peer Professionalism Assistance Group may be able to assist lawyers dealing with unprofessional behavior they encounter in practice.