Colorado Supreme Court

Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel

Promoting Professionalism. Protecting the Public.

Rules and Procedures

Learn what rules and procedures govern the proper practice of law.

Rules Governing Admission to the Bar

Unauthorized Practice of Law Rules – Select "Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, Chapter 19."

Rules of Procedure Regarding Attorney Discipline and Disability Proceedings, Colorado Attorneys’ Fund for Client Protection, and Mandatory Continuing Legal Education and Judicial Education – Select "Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, Chapter 20."

Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct

ABA Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions – The ABA Standards were adopted in 1986 and last amended in 1992, with a set of annotations published in 2015.

Practices of the Supreme Court Legal Regulation Committee

Protocol for Complaints Filed with the Supreme Court Advisory Committee

Rule 250: Mandatory Continuing Legal and Judicial Education