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Inventory Counsel

When an attorney is no longer able to perform his or her duties to clients, either due to disability or death, and there is no other party responsible for the attorney's affairs, the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel may file a petition for appointment of Inventory Counsel.

With the assistance of volunteer Colorado attorneys, and investigators and attorneys from the office, the Inventory Counsel Coordinator reviews all of the files and takes steps to protect the interests of the attorney and the attorney's clients. The file inventory and file return process may take months or years depending on the number of files, the area of practice, and the difficulty in locating the previous clients.

If you believe an attorney is no longer able to perform his or her duties due to death or disability, and has no one else to manage client files, contact us to ask about appointment of Inventory Counsel.

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Current Active Inventory Counsel Matters:

If you are a client of one of the above attorneys, please contact Inventory Counsel Coordinator Carola Rhodes at or 303-928-7910.